Paints ov Anima is the occult performance of Pær Svn, an Olympia-based artist living and working and transitioning between trvth & reality. The project started in the fall of 2010 as a private exploration ov moon worship, plant-based invokations ov anima, and other feminist alchemical rituals for self-actualization.

Live collaborators have included Elizabeth Chamberlain, Hillary Emrys Crawford, Colin Hearn, Allison Hummel, Aslan Rife, and Michaud Savage.

/// HOM - Bound/Somn 12" (2014, MOTOR)

/// ASH LXY (2013, Painted Records)

/// 08102013

Poster courtesy ov James Nielson.

Photos courtesy ov Steven Miller.

Under the previous incarnation of Paintings for Animals (2001-2013), they did countless solo and collaborative performances in the Pacific Northwest, several in other parts of the United States and released a variety of recordings through Debacle, House of Alchemy, Dokuro, Painted, Kimberly Dawn, and other fine artist-run labels. Svn is also known for starting the Seattle Occultural Musick Festival, as well as for their solo techno project HOM and as half of Thee Source ov Fawnation.

Thee Source ov Fawnation - Thee Source (forthcoming | Katabatik)
Paintings for Animals - Ecovitus (forthcoming | Sacred Phrases)
Paints ov Anima / UAV Ephialtes - split (forthcoming | Matershina Fetish

HOM - Bound/Somn 12" (2014 | MOTOR)
Paints ov Anima - Brassica (2013, Control Valve)
Paints ov Anima - ASH LXY (2013, Painted Records)
Paintings for Animals - Thee Body ov Worship (2012 | House of Alchemy)
Thee Source ov Fawnation - I Missed You Black Diamond (2011 | Healing Light)
Paints ov Anima - Moon Worship (2011 | Dokuro)
Paints ov Anima vs. Moon Mother Maya Mayhem - Moon Walls (2011 | Painted)
Paintings for Animals - Kristeater (2011 | Debacle)
Paintings for Animals - Whale Hunter (2011 | Kim Dawn)
Paintings for Animals - Thee Forrest ov Psalms (2010 | Painted)
New Red Sun - Book of Sand & Moss (2010 | Featherspines)
Paintings for Animals - Sleep's Keeper ov thee Sea (2009 | Painted)
New Red Sun - Slow Wave EP (2009 | Painted)
New Red Sun - Pemmican (2009 | Painted)
Paintings for Animals - Cistern Air (2008 | Aphonia)
Paintings for Animals - Live at Chickenhed Church (2008 | Soccer Mom Ebonics)
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